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About Us

Products are great, new developments and innovations are great, but if you can’t make it happen and make money from it, it’s not worth anything

Kevin Godfrey

Kevin Godfrey was born on 16 October 1984, and grew up mostly in the Western Cape, South Africa. The love for invention, being creative and electronics has been there from a very young age. Kevin completed a degree in Electrical Engineering (Light Current) at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in 2006.

The following years Kevin spent mostly as a development engineer in electronic hardware and embedded programming. The entrepreneurial spirit and desire to be in business grew during these years. From 2010, Kevin has been performing a role in technical marketing and product line management at a leading technology company in South Africa.

Today, the combination of innovation, understanding technology, understanding business, customers and their needs, and most importantly, key relationships with people, are the drive and vision of Kevin.
Kevin enjoys a number of hobbies and activities, including: artlure- and flyfishing, musician (keyboard) for bands and events, sound and lighting, and most importantly, spending time with people!

The focus of the team is to use their key strengths in an optimal way, and to involve partners to extend these strengths, and to bring more strengths to the party. Key strengths of the team includes:

  • Understanding people and their needs.
  • Bringing technology and people’s needs/desires/requirements together.
  • People Skills + Technology know-how = SMART PRODUCTS and SMART LIVING
  • Rich network of people, engineers, visionaries, implementers, marketing and sales specialists, funding etc
  • Hearing and understanding the customer
  • Technical know-how to get it done
  • Smart and innovative products
  • Vision and Perspective
  • Managerial and Leadership skills
  • Geared to innovate
  • Go-getters

Allow our team to help lead your next project from brainstorming to flawless execution.


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