• An open-minded approach, understanding the needs, lifestyle and thinking of the customer.
  • Helping and facilitating the requirements of the customer. Offering customer in-depth understanding towards their market, the approach, the strategy, their potential risk areas, sales and marketing methods……the list is endless.
  • A rich set of distribution, marketing and sales channels. Attractive returns for customers on their ideas and products – enabling customers to create income stream with minimum input – could merely be the idea.
  • Methods to overcome challenges faced by entrepreneurs – deciding on the idea or type of business, starting a company, finding a mentor, where to start, searching for start-up capital….
  • Facilitation of meetings and networking events with other entrepreneurs, visionaries, and strategic partners.
  • Overcoming barrier to entry.

The engagement of InventWorx in an opportunity or project are decided and evaluated based
on the following core values by which InventWorx operate: