Kevin Godfrey was born on 16 October 1984, and grew up mostly in the Western Cape, South Africa. The love for invention, being creative and electronics has been there from a very young age. Kevin completed a degree in Electrical Engineering (Light Current) at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in 2006.

The following years Kevin spent mostly as a development engineer in electronic hardware and embedded programming. The entrepreneurial spirit and desire to be in business grew during these years. From 2010, Kevin has been performing a role in technical marketing and product line management at a leading technology company in South Africa.

Today, the combination of innovation, understanding technology, understanding business, customers and their needs, and most importantly, key relationships with people, are the drive and vision of Kevin.

Kevin enjoys a number of hobbies and activities, including: artlure- and flyfishing, musician (keyboard) for bands and events, sound and lighting, and most importantly, spending time with people!

Mark Böhmer was born on 26 July 1982 and grew up in eastern South Africa. A technical mind and a passion for technology paved the way for an education in embedded computing, electronics, systems analysis and programming, which culminated in a Degree in Computer Engineering at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) in 2006.

Mark spent the next years in dual paradigms: one in Embedded Engineering specialising in embedded software development, the other as the owner of an IT Company.

Realising the need for further growth Mark engaged in technical marketing in the sphere of intelligent systems and embedded computing and grew to manage several product lines. This enabled the formation of many key relationships and laid the foundation for a keen understanding of business.

Throughout Mark knows that people form the heart of all growth. Leveraging all that he has learned to empower and grow people is his passion